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Custom Steel Rule Die Manufacturing

Since our beginning with steel rule die manufacturing in 1994 we have come a long way from the traditional hand bending tools and scroll saw cutting with the aid of a magnifying glass.

In 2007, we started burning die boards with our light industrial 400 watt laser. This gave us the capability of speed and accuracy that our customers were looking for.

In this ever-growing market for quicker production turnaround times, it was becoming apparent that we needed to expand our skills and efficiencies from hand bending steel rules.

With the purchase of an automatic rule processor in 2012, we now have the ability to provide our customers with the highest precision steel rule dies that can be achieved.

In 2003, we began providing our customers with hot foil stamping and embossing dies using the latest innovation in the form of CNC machining.

We manufacture these dies using 1/4″ engravers brass, we do not use acid etch or chemicals. All of our dies are machined to the highest standard attainable with this process.

As a result, the waste in the production of these dies is completely recycled.

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